Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Installing and repairing geothermal units is the foundation of our company. We have a team of highly trained geothermal experts ready to tackle any project at hand. We also perform yearly maintenance on geothermal units to help them continue to perform at the highest level.

Geothermal Loop Fields

At GeoTech Mechanical we handle not only the installation of the unit itself but the geothermal loop fields as well. Each field is sized and planned accordingly based on the geothermal demand.

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Heated Floors

We install tubing in the floor either before the cement is laid, on top of the wood, or under in the floor cavity. In-floor heating options range from using geothermal, boilers, electric, or wood boilers for the heating source. Get rid of those cold feet with in-floor heat!

Boiler Systems

Finding the right person to install or maintain your boiler seems to be getting harder. Our staff has been installing and servicing boilers from the beginning. Each system is designed to maximize efficiency and comfort.


Furnaces & Air Conditioning

Need a conventional furnace or air conditioner? We install and maintain those also. At GeoTech Mechanical, we strive for high-efficiency units that will save you money on operating costs in the long run.

Customer Feedback

"During one of the coldest winters I can remember, our furnace went out.  I called Jon from Geo Tech Mechanical, and he was out the next day. The furnace was repaired within hours and has been running perfectly ever since. Thank you for your time and dedication to service. "

-Christina I